Celebrated Surgeon Dr Obeng: Don’t repeat Tessica Brown’s “Gorilla Glue” mistake

Dr Michael Obeng, the Ghanaian American Plastic Surgeon who successfully removed “Gorilla Glue” from the scalp of a Tessica Brown who sprayed it on her hair last month mistaking it for hairspray has advised people to ensure they read bottles before using products.

The Beverly Hills based Ghanaian American plastic Surgeon shot to fame last week after a four-hour procedure to remove the glue from Tessica’s scalp went successfully.  

Speaking in an interview with Nana Yaa Mensah on the Asaase Breakfast Show, on Tuesday, (16 February) Dr Obeng advised people to ensure the read bottles before using products.

“I really don’t know how this story went viral and of course I think God put me in a position to be able help this lady, accidents do happen all the time and throughout my 15 years career as a plastic surgeon I have seen some horrific stuffs, I have done some incredible things to restore people,” he said.      

Dr Obeng added“I hope we all learn from this mistake and we should all be cautious whenever we pick a bottle, whenever we pick up anything to use on ourselves or our love ones, we just have to be careful, read it and make sure that we don’t make the mistake that Tessica made.”

He believed Tessica’s story went viral because of the advent of social media and her sincerity which made people connect with her.

The Harvard-trained, Beverly Hills-based doctor offered to perform the $12,500 (£9,000) procedure for free when he heard about Ms Brown’s plight after she shared a video on TikTok two weeks ago.

Dr Obeng, who has a chemistry background said he used various things to break down the polyurethane, which is the main ingredient in Gorilla Glue

Dr Obeng who specializes in cosmetic surgery is the founder of Restoring Emotional Stability Through Outstanding Reconstructive Efforts (Restore), a charity which offers free reconstructive surgery in developing nations and trains local physicians.

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