COVID-19: Ghana’s active cases hit 6,095, death toll now 449

At least 791 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) taking the country’s active cases to 6, 095.

This takes Ghana’s total confirmed cases to 70,046.

Nine  more individuals have passed on increasing the death toll to 449 since the last update, reports the official GHS website. Health officials have recorded 63,502 recoveries.

Regional active cases

Greater Accra Region – 41,245

Ashanti Region – 12,619

Western Region – 3,796

Eastern Region – 2,968

Central Region – 2,401

Volta Region – 1,014

Bono East Region – 845

Upper East Region – 755

Northern Region – 753

Western North Region – 712

Bono Region – 680

Ahafo Region – 553

Oti Region – 250

Upper West Region – 220

Savannah Region – 66

North East Region – 32

Avoid my unpleasant covid 19 experience

Henry Herbert Malm, head of communication and sustainability at Unilever Ghana, is advising the public to strictly adhere to all safety protocols to avoid contracting COVID-19.

The former TV3 news anchor and communication manager at Standard Chartered Bank noted the caution is timely following the harrowing experience he went through after contracting the viral disease.

“While I give thanks and express appreciation, I’d like to say to all that COVID-19 is real and we all need to protect ourselves and others from contracting it. You should do the very best you can to avoid my experience. It’s not a pleasant one,” Malm posted on Facebook.

Malm practically pleaded with Ghanaians to respect the safety protocols to reduce the increasing number of cases being recorded.

“Let’s wash our hands regularly with soap under running water, use alcohol-based sanitizers, wear nose mask and avoid crowded areas. They are life-saving measures,” he added.

Stop using hydrogen peroxide 

Meanwhile, the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) says hydrogen peroxide has not been approved for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 by any international body.

In a statement, the GMA said: “The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Health Ministry (MOH), the World Health Organisation (WHO) or any reputable international drug or health regulatory body has not approved, authorised or recommended the use of hydrogen peroxide for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.”

The GMA said hydrogen peroxide had originally been used as a disinfectant specifically in Ghana in very low concentrations.

The statement follows recent media publications on the use of hydrogen peroxide to prevent COVID-19, a move which has led to panic buying and shortages in the market.

The GMA said despite published observational studies in Ghana and across the world suggesting that hydrogen peroxide “may be used” for the prevention of the COVID-19 disease, “it does not constitute sufficient proof that it will work in human populations to prevent or treat COVID-19 at this present moment.”

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