EC cannot run away from Tsikata’s cross examination, says Marietta Brew

Marietta Brew Appiah- Oppong, Spokesperson for the petitioner in the 2020 Presidential election petition has said the electoral commission cannot avoid being crossed examine by their lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata in the ongoing hearing.

“They are avoiding or running away or avoiding the cross examination of Lawyer Tsikata, remember that this an Electoral Commission that has a constitutional duty to the people, they have an obligation to account to us for their stewardship and they say they cannot take the witness stand,” she said.

Appiah-Oppong added “Well tomorrow, we will see how our lordships will rule on this, And the issue was raised as to wether this is a human right issue, I don’t know, this is the Electoral Commission chair, a body created by the constitution Which has an obligation to respond to our question.”

He further argued that the electoral commission cannot hide behind the excuse of human right to avoid cross examination.

“Electoral Commission cannot hide under human right to say they will not answer our I respectfully disagree with her ladyship when she says it is a human right issue, I disagree with that.”

The spokesperson for the petitioner believe they still have a strong case after the final cross examination of their final witness Rojo Mettle Nunoo.

Closure of case 

Former President John Dramani Mahama, Petitioner in the ongoing election 2020 petition at the Supreme Court of Ghana, has closed his case today the 8th of February 2021, after calling three witnesses in support of his petition he filed on the 30th of December 2020, essentially challenging the results of the 7th of December 2020 Presidential elections.

The Petitioner’s witnesses who testified before the seven-member Supreme Court panel presided over by Chief Justice Anin Yeboah, included Johnson Aseidu Nketia, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Michael Kpessa Whyte and Joseph Robert Mettle Nunoo, both of which represented the Petitioner at the National Collation Centre of the Electoral Commission (EC) during the elections of 7th December 2020.

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