Erectile dysfunction among men due to coronavirus infection is real, says urologist

Dr Bernard Toboh, a consulting urologist at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, says the claim that some men, who recovered from Coronavirus infection are experiencing erectile dysfunction is real.

He said the issue of erectile dysfunction among some men due to coronavirus disease was veritable, which is a post-traumatic disorder, and had been recorded in jurisdictions or areas with high infections, but only an anecdotal evidence in Ghana.

An anecdotal evidence is an evidence that is collected in a casual or informal manner.

Dr Toboh made the remarks in an interview with the media in Accra, when analysing the rampaging spread of the infectious disease after Christmas festivities and the New Year activities.

Dr Toboh explained that coronavirus could affect an infected person’s heart, blood vessels and nerves as well as testosterone and sperm production, which could negatively affect one’s sexual performances in the bedroom.

The urologist noted that the increasing body of knowledge on Coronavirus had shown that the infectious disease was multi-systemic and could bring a whole lots of side effects to infected persons as well as those recovered from the disease.

“The brain has to trigger a desire and so the heart, nerves and blood vessels must all work in consent for an erection to occur,” he noted.

“And so the Coronavirus is known to cause depression and suppressed the production of testosterone and sperms,” Dr Toboh observed.

However, Dr Toboh explained that erectile dysfunction could also be an existing health condition in a person that could be predated about four or five years ago even before the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Credit GNA

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