Highlight of ministers response to gay right issues at appointment committee

Ghanaians have expressed worry about the latest development bothering concerning Lesbians Gay Bisexuals and Transgender LGBT in the country.

It follows the opening of an LGBT community space in the capital, Accra in the past few days.

Despite the public outcry about the issue, the European Union in Ghana on Wednesday took to its facebook wall to commend government for respecting the rights of LGBT.

It further went on to pledge suppport to civil society groups that will champion the activities of LGBT rights in Ghana.

However the minister designate for Gender and Social Protection Sarah Adwoa Safo has told the appointment committee issues of LGBT is non negotiable in the country since it does not conform to the Ghanaian culture.

Meanwhile some of the ministers who appeared before the committee have been answering questions on the issue. Here are their answers to questions on the issue.

Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey ( Foreign Affairs Minister Designate)

Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey when answering a question during her vetting on Thursday, February 11, 2021, stated that Ghana’s laws clearly criminalize the practice.

She stressed that Ghana is a sovereign country and has its own laws that its citizenry must abide by regardless of the relationship the country has established with other countries.

“Ghana is a sovereign country but as part of our foreign policy we engage countries all over the world; America is one of our strongest friends. But in this country, we have laws. And our laws work and must work.

“So, in spite of what somebody will say and in this case President Biden, the laws of Ghana criminalizes on unlawful carnal knowledge and therefore the laws of Ghana definitely are supreme and that is what we all adhere to,” she noted.

Godfred Dame( Minister Designate for Attorney General )

The nominee said that the provisions of the Criminal Offences Act does not offend the Constitution at all and there are cultural rights recognized by the constitution.

In his personal view, he said that “it is only when the laws are applied in a way discriminatory of a particular group of people, that you cannot assert unconstitutionality. I take the view that the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of James Kwabena Bomfeh and the Attorney General on the National Cathedral itself is an affirmation of the fact that even though there are a multiplicity of religions in the country, any decision by a President to promote a particular religion is not discriminatory in the same way any practice of a people which seeks to promote its customs and values cannot be deemed to be discriminatory and for that matter, the section of the Criminal Code is not discriminatory at all.

“I think what is required is a free society that will not necessarily victimize persons but that should not be misconstrued to mean that the state cannot put in place certain laws which protect its customs and traditions of the people.”

Sarah Adwoa Safo -(Gender and Social Protection Minister Designate)

In her response to the question, she said, “Mr Chair, the issue of LGBT is an issue that when mentioned, it creates some controversy but what I want to say is that our laws are clear on such practice. It makes it criminal. Section 104 of the Criminal Code prohibits one from having unnatural carnal knowledge with another person. So, on the issue of its criminality, it is non-negotiable.

She continued that, “On the issue of our cultural acceptance and norms, these practices are also frowned upon. So, for me, these are two distinct clarities on the matter and that is what I strongly stand for,” she explained.

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah( Information Minister Designate)

The minister-designate for Information believes that a more radical approach should be adopted: develop a legislation barring the advocacy of LGBTQ activities.

According to him, given the current advocacy around the legalization of homosexuality in the country, the country needs to consider passing a law that tackles its promotion because the practice in itself is culturally unacceptable and goes contrary to section 104 of the Criminal Code, 1960.

“Customary law frowns on LGBT activities. People say despite the criminal code on the general position of customary law, it is just mere expression, they are just advocating for it but if you ask me about law and background, I will say that is when somebody like me will argue that then we should be able to contemplate legislation in the interest of public morality which will not be against the constitution but we will now say that you cannot advocate for and promote LGBT activities in this country,” he averred.

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