Invoke provisions under RTI to make Jean Mensa accountable, Adobea Asante tells petitioner

The petitioner for the 2020 election petition has been advised to invoke provisions under the right to information if it really wants to hold the chairperson of the electoral Commission Jean Mensa accountable.

Speaking with Kojo Mensah on the Asaase Breakfast Show on Wednesday, Nana Adjoa Adobea Asante, spokesperson spokesperson for the second respondent said call by the petitioner to get the EC chair to mount the witness box is not necessary.

“If the petitioner sought to seek for accountability simpliciter, then the right to information act has been passed under the watch of his excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, they can invoke the provisions there under,” she said.

Adobea Asante added” If he wants parliament to also take up such a mantle to ensure that she is held accountable, then he can also invoke the provisions that allows for that, but we are in court, because you are saying that the election that took place was not validly done, so adduce evidence to challenge that, it is not about accountability. … then her taking the witness box is not necessary.”

Adobe Asante maintains the accountability of the electoral commissioner is not a focal point for the determination of the case brought by the petitioner.

“In challenging the validity of an election, it is not about seeking for somebody to mount the witness box in order to be accountable to the people of Ghana, yes Ghanaians are interested and we want to know if in actual fact no one crossed the 50 percent threshold”, she said.

“But the case at hand has five issues that needs to be determined, those 5 issues do not include whether or not the electoral commission was accountable to the people of Ghana, so accountability simpliciter is not on the table for discussion,” She added.

Happy with proceedings

Adobea Asante said the 2nd respondent is happy with the proceedings in court so far. “With the way proceedings have gone on in court, we are happy with the way the matter has proceeded.

“There have been a lot delays at the instant of the petitioner which is quite curious because they are the ones who brought the matter to court and they should rather be in a hurry for the final determination of the matter. We are happy that things are proceeding quite fast as compared to how it was in the beginning,” she said

The Supreme Court will rule on Thursday (11 February 2021) whether Jean Mensa, the EC chair should testify or otherwise.

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