Mpiani: Cabinet ministers scramble to succeed Akufo-Addo a misplaced priority

Kwadwo Mpiani, a former chief of staff during the Kufour era has described the latest scramble among cabinet ministers to succeed president Akufo-Addo as a very worrying development within the ruling National Democratic Party.

Speaking on the Asaase Breakfast Show with Nana Yaa Mensah on Thursday, 18 March the former Chief of staff advised the ministers to rather rally behind the president to perform well in his second term.

“Look If you don’t put the party on sound footing, if the government doesn’t do well, you may even want to put Jesus Christ there, I don’t think he can win, so let support the government to do well,” the former chief of staff said.

Mpiani added “You see the government is in a very unfortunate situation now, because of this Covid 19 and all, the economy is not doing well and it is something universal, so our attention should be how to perform well so that when we put up a candidate it will not have too much problem, instead of doing that, when the government is not even in place, we are thinking of who will take over from Nana Addo, it’s a misplaced priority

Leadership failure

The former Chief of staff did not minced word at the latest development describing it as lack of discipline and  failure on the part of the leadership of the New Patriotic Party.

He recounted how the party had to conduct a research to determine which candidates were viable after seventeen candidates expressed interest in the Flagberaers in 2006.

The move according to him led to the limiting of the candidates who could contest for the leadership of the party.

The former chief of staff noted that although 18 people expressed interest in the Flagberaers position in 2008, it was done 2 years towards the tenure of the sitting president unlike the current prevailing situation.

You can serve to masters

He believes the ministers cannot pretend to be working for the current government and be pursuing their own ambition to lead the party.

Mpiani the president will not err if he sacks such ministers in his cabinet to give them the opportunity to focus on their ambition.

Fred Dzakpata

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