Stop politicizing proceedings from election petition hearing, Gyampo tells NDC and NPP

Professor Ransford Van Gyampo, a senior lecturer at the University of Ghana has condemned attempt by the New Patriotic Party and National Democratic Congress to politicize proceedings from the ongoing petition hearing in the Supreme Court.

Speaking in an interview with Benjamin Offei-Addo on the Asaase Breakfast Show, Ransford Gyampo said such actions has the tendency to deepen polarization within the country.

“We are overly polarized and partisan to the point that people who are professionals, whose livelihood do not depend on partisan politics, all of a sudden would want to sound partisan in everything they do” Prof Gyampo said.”

Gyampo added “Immediately after the court, we all see and we all watch what goes on there, but you have some people from the NDC, they will come and give a certain partisan slang to whatever has taken place.”

“You have professional people from the NPP, they would also come and give very partisan and some of them a casting needless innuendos insinuation, a aspersion and taunting other people in a manner that provokes needless tension in the body politics.”  

The University of Ghana Lecturer believes the two parties must be civil in their utterances and actions throughout the entire hearing process in the Supreme Court.

“I think that they should be sensitive to the situation in which we find ourselves in now, we are a very polarized people, election has been held, some people are not happy with the results, they have gone to court, when people are bitter and are not happy the least you should do is to taunt them,” he said.

Gyampo cited the example of a Supreme Court Judge in Library who was selling on the streets in Ghana because of the war in Liberia which made most people refugees.

He is particularly not happy with the utterances of lawyers from both parties describing as very worrying for national cohesion.

Fred Dzakpata

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