Supreme Court to Frank Davies: We are not comfortable with interviews you grant outside

The Supreme Court has asked Frank Davies, one of the legal team members of the 2nd respondent in the ongoing 2020 election petition not to grant post-trial interviews.

The Supreme Court on Monday (1 February 2021) said Frank Davies’ action violates the legal professional conduct and etiquette rules.

Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah said, “Before we go on we want to make a few observations, Mr Frank Davies please we respectively want to draw your attention to the legal professional conduct and etiquette rules 2020.”

Referring to Rule 38, the Chief Justice, Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah said “Please if you look at Rule 38, the Court is not comfortable with post-trial interviews that you grant outside. If I may read to you; a lawyer who is practicing or has participated in a litigation of a matter that is still pending before a court shall not make an out of court statement or grant an interview to the media on the matter. So please we are just drawing your attention to the ethical infraction and you have to advise yourself accordingly.”

He added: “Somebody other than you may do it. That is not our concern but you precluded by law because you have been announced of the case on regular basis.”

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