Tsikata withdraws harsh words against n Jean Mensa in court

Tsatsu Tsikata, the counsel for the petitioner in the ongoing 2020 election petition was on Monday forced to apologise to Jean Mensa, chairperson of the Election Commission.

Tsikata while making a case as to why the court should grant his application to reopen his election 2020 petition case to subpoena Jean Mensa said, “To talk about grievances of being served tea respectfully that is such a lack of truthfulness in terms of how the evidence came in. Rojo Mettle-Nunoo did not express a grievance here that they served tea and not biscuits. It was out of the question and he answered truthfully.

“For the chairperson [of the EC] to descend into such triviality which was brought on by cross-examination of her own counsel that shows the depth to which she has sunk.”

This statement did not sit well with some of the Justices at the Supreme Court, prompting Chief Justice Anin Yeboah to say “Mr Tsikata the practice is that you lawyers draft affidavit in applications so please don’t let us go that far”.

Another Supreme Court Judge added said, “Beyond that, I would advise that you withdraw”.

Tsikata then said “I withdraw the statement about the depth to which she has sunk. I apologise that I used unduly strong language and I apologise to the chairperson of the 1st respondent”

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