Airport residents to petition President over construction of controversial 22 storey building

Residents of Airport residential area are considering petitioning President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo over the construction of a 22-storey building in the area.

The move follows the recent collapse of sections of the 22-storey building on Wednesday leaving some of the workers injured.

Speaking on the Asaase Breakfast Show with Nana Yaa Ofori Atta, a resident Nana Adjoa Ackom Mensah said they soon begin gathering signatures for the petition.

“Well, Iam going to suggest we do a petition, we are going to go round and get some signatures, the building cannot come, period, they can build at anywhere in the Accra plains, find somewhere but not here, ” She said.

She added “We will present a petition to the president if we have to , if the ministers are not able to do what they should, we the residents are leaving here for our peace of mind and we were here first.”

On a lighter side Ackom Mensah says the recent collapse of the building may be an act of God to punish the owners for their decision to flout an order compelling stop work.

“Like I said and as I have always said, our God has a wicked sense of humour and I mean it in a good sense that he brought the building down because it proves to us all that they are not following the professional way of building,” she told the host of ABS.

She maintained the developers had no permission to put up such a structure near a school and occupying half of the road

“We are not saying don’t build, we are just saying that plot of land is not the right place for a 22-storey building, the traffic, the air pollution whiles building, the children are suffering from asthma, you should have spoken to the residents to get their concerns” … they lied to the court.”

She further questioned the town and country planning deafening silence over the entire development in the area.


Roads Minister Kwaku Amoako Atta in 2019 upon visiting the construction site ordered the halt of works on the building and called for the arrest of the contractor citing environmental hazards posed by the construction to the residents and the school.

According to authorities of the school, the construction had affected sections of the school’s foundation creating cracks and causing environmental pollution in the area.

The Authorities of the Association International School also secured a court injunction against the developers but was later dismissed by an Accra High Court.

Regardless of the minister’s orders, however, works on the building since the brief halt in 2019 has continued unabated.

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