Covid 19: Ghana to receive first batch of Vaccine in March

Ghana is to receive its first batch of Covid 19 vaccine by March, President Akufo-Addo has announced.

Delivering his 23rd update on measures taken against spread of coronavirus on national television, President Akufo Addo said only safe vaccines will be allowed into the country.

“Our aim is to vaccinate the entire population, with an initial target of twenty million people. Through bilateral and multilateral means, we are hopeful that, by the end of June, a total of 17.6 million vaccine doses would have been procured for the Ghanaian people. The earliest vaccine will be in the country by March” he said.

He added “The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) will use its established processes for granting emergency-use-authorisation for each vaccine in Ghana. As President of the Republic, I assure you that only vaccines that have been evaluated and declared as safe-for-use in Ghana will be administered.”  

 President Akufo-Addo said government will work around the clock to ensure the country returns to normal routines.

 “Government will continue to monitor our COVID-19 situation, and will remain resolved in ensuring that we are able to return to normal daily routines. I remain hopeful that if each one of us embraces fully the safety protocols, and we continue to put our faith in the Almighty, we will emerge strongly from this pandemic”

Case Update

At least sixty-four (64) more people have died, over the last two weeks, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths to four hundred and sixteen (416) President Akufo Addo has announced.

According to him the total number of active cases has more than doubled, from a little over one thousand, nine hundred (1,900), two weeks ago, to five thousand, three hundred and fifty-eight (5,358) currently.

Fred Dzakpata

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