Let peace prevail – Deputy Lands Minister to families in Amrahia dairy farm land

Benito Owusu-Bio, the Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources in charge of Lands is calling for calm among the various factions involved in a dispute on the Amrahia Dairy Farm Land.

The Minister at an engagement meeting with the families who hold interest in the land, on Friday, October 15, 2021 reiterated the desire by government to return 40% of the land side to the pre-acquisition owners.

“Government through Samuel Jinapor will ensure that 40% relinquishment will be given in due compensation”, he said.

Benito Owusu-Bio emphasized on the importance of peace and serenity as the conditions necessary for a resolution on the matter.

He stressed that his outfit was going to engage the various parties to find the best possible solution to the issue but that can only be possible if the parties backdown on the violence and accusations and give peace a chance.

Citing the dispute between the La Traditional Authority and the Ghana Armed Forces as an example, Hon. Benito Owusu-Bio remarked that significant progress has been made since the two parties downed their tools and returned to the resolution table.

He maintained that the chaos over land ownership in the country is perfect justification of government’s digitization agenda. “We have set a timeline for ourselves to deal with these issues and that timeline is before the end of this year. For this to happen and for us to work towards that timeline, we’ll plead that peace must prevail”, he added.

“The are some official works that we are supposed to do. We also have to conclude with survey works. It is our duty to work on that”, he said.

“As all this is on going we need to peace to prevail so that they can work on the land. We are in an engagement with the Chiefs on the La Military lands and there’s quite peace and because of that we are almost through with it”, he noted.

A Representative of the feuding families took their turns to announce their commitment to the peace building process and expressed confidence in the Ministry to resolve the issue. They acknowledged the work of the Deputy Minister and thanked him for granting them audience.

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