Supreme court strikes out contempt charges against Dr Dominic Ayine

The Supreme Court has discharged former Deputy Attorney General Dr Dominic Ayine over the contempt charge.

This was after the court met today to weigh his execution of its directive to purge himself of contempt.

Dr Ayine was on last Monday, February 22 hauled before the apex court for scandalizing in a post-election petition court hearing address to the media on February 17.

The court while deciding against slapping him with punitive sanctions, ordered the contemnor to purge himself by apologizing and retracting his comments through the same medium.

Predetermined agenda

“And to reduce the petition to a single-issue petition is rather unfortunate and smack of a predetermined agenda to rule against the petition in this matter.”

He added: “We think that the court by this decision has not done the people of this country a great service, in the sense that Ghanaians are interested in knowing the truth. The justices today have not given as a reason to believe that they want the people of this country to know the truth about what happened…why figures kept changing from 9 December.”

The development forced the Supreme Court to institute contempt proceedings against Dr Ayine, who is also a member of the legal team of John Mahama, petitioner, in the ongoing Election 2020 petition hearing.

“I did say those words… on the advice and consultation with my counsel I’ve written to the court rendering an unqualified apology,” Dr Ayine told the court on Monday 22 February 2021 when he went into the dock.

Deeply remorseful

His lead counsel Frank Bechem also added: “Our client has no excuse. He deeply regrets the harm done to his profession and the disrespect shown to the court. He’s sorry for what he’s done. He’s deeply remorseful and sorry for what he’s done.”

The apex court then directed Dr Ayine to use the same platform – media – to retract the contempt statement.

“We don’t want anything from him, he should just go back to the media and retract the statement that he made,” Chief Justice Anin Yeboah said.

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