Personality of the week: Georgette Barnes Sakyi-Addo

  • Selected as one of the 100 Global Inspirational Women In Mining by Women In Mining – UK, Georgette Barnes Sakyi-Addo has consistently founded and managed startups and small and medium business entities in the mining sector, and sought to give of herself and make an impact on others in the mining community.
  • When asked at her first job interview in 1993 by the CEO of International Gold Resources (IGR) in Accra, why she should be hired as Administration Assistant in an exploration firm when she had no prior experience, she replied: “I’ll never get any experience unless someone first tries me.” IGR tried her. She went on to establish an IGR office in Burkina Faso, and travelled all over West Africa to assist with Concessions acquisition and also actively giving other young job seekers a chance.
  • She was subsequently the first hire at Resource Services Group (RSG) where she established its new offices as head of administration. But she went beyond duty and took interest in the core business, and for the following 10 years she worked with the Team on projects throughout West Africa.
  • In 2004, She became Founding Managing Director of Corstor Ghana Limited, a mining supplies firm headquartered in Johannesburg. Under Georgette’s direction and leadership, the mine support business caught the attention of an Industry Giant which acquired the Corstor group including it’s Ghana branch.
  • She also represented Westernex in Ghana and the West Africa sub region as non-executive director.
  • She has also established her own locally-owned Drilling & Mining supplies company, Georgette Barnes Ltd, representing known sector brands such as Australian Mud Company, Breithaupt, RIDGID and Westernex.
  • To top it all, she is sharing her knowledge and experience by establishing Women in Mining Ghana and volunteering as co-ordinator. Georgette is also a volunteer and Co-founder of Accra Mining Network (AMN) dedicated to people working in all aspects of the mining industry in Ghana to “meet, learn & earn”. AMN currently has an on-line presence of over 650 people.
  • She studied for a BA in French and Linguistics, and a Graduate Diploma in Communications at the University of Ghana. In 2005 she earned a diploma in Accounting/Finance; and in 2015, received a Certificate in Mining Law & Policy(University of Ghana) and another for Proficiency in Principles of Mining Engineering and Surface Mining Operations from UMaT.
  • Her Interests include local content & diversity in the mining sector and small- scale mining. She has co-authored 4 publications in artisanal and small-scale mining.

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