Kofi Asare: Its nauseating to have over 200 awards schemes in Ghana

I have counted over 200 award schemes in this small country. Every week there is an award event. There are genuine award schemes not aimed at making profit off your sweat, and many other serial award organizers only interested in your money.A company which started with one in 2016 now runs four schemes.

Awards are fast becoming a profit making venture, not neccessarily to recognize impact. All many do is to approach some ‘popular’ people and inform them about their nomination, asking them to mobilize votes to win. Sometimes, an SMS Short Code vote costs GH 1.

So if you are hungry for awards, you will mobilize 5,000 SMS which will yield GH 5,000 to these guys. Hundred nominees across categories gives a cool half a million cedis.They then find some affiliated companies to declare support, with some contributing some cash for the event.

The organizers sit in a room to select the highest vote (cash) mobilizer as winner.I nearly slapped someone who initially contacted me via LinkedIn with a nomination.

Apparently, a few have been dropping such requests in our info account. Immediately i asked about the rationale and methodology for nominating me, he was all over the place. I told him even if the methodology made sense to me, i wouldn’t participate in a scheme where one has to campaign for commercialized votes.

I am not in competition with anyone in this world, apart from poverty whose competition we keep winning anytime a child completes an education.

I am not against awards; i am rather vehemently against asking nominees to go search for SMS votes that cost money. When that happens, it could mean organizers are only awarding the highest bidder (mobilizer of cash) for their company.I belive it is disrespectful to ask for cash SMS votes before recognizing anyone. Even Dr. UN did not ask for cash SMS Votes.

Lets keep boycotting; this nonsense too must stop!

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