VIDEO:I am not one of those lawyers who think they know better than the court, Akoto Ampaw jabs Tsastu

Lead Counsel for the second respondent in the ongoing 2020 election petition hearing has thrown a subtle jab to lead counsel for the petitioner Tsatsu Tsikata.

Adressing the apex court after arguments from both sides, Mr Ampaw said “I am not one of those lawyers who think they know better than the court.”

He further asked the court to surcharge the petitioners for wasting their time in court.  

The court has adjourned sitting to Monday to consider two application filed before the court.

The supreme court is also expected to fix a date for its final judgement on the election petition.


Meanwhile the Supreme Court has instituted contempt proceedings against a member of the legal team of the Petitioner in the ongoing election 2020 petition, Lawyer Dominic Ayine, for comments he allegedly made against the Apex Court of the land.

Dr. Dominic Ayine, in an address to the media after Court sitting on Tuesday the 16th of February 2021, is reported to have accused the seven-member Supreme Court panel adjudicating the petition, of having a predetermined agenda to rule against the Petitioner (John Dramani Mahama).

During the said press briefing, Dr. Ayine said, “It is not true that there is only one issue that needs to be determined in this matter. I am surprised that the Supreme Court itself having set down five key issues to be determined is now reducing the issue to one, which is whether the extent to which the evidence that we have led shows that no one got more than 50% of the votes in accordance with Article 63 of the Constitution”.

“We think that the court by this decision has not done the people of this country a great service, in the sense that Ghanaians are interested in knowing the truth. The justices today have not given as a reason to believe that they want the people of this country to know the truth about what happened…why figures kept changing from 9 December” Dr. Dominic Ayine further stated while he addressed the press at the forecourt of the Supreme Court.

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