Otchere-Darko: Government is not asking you to pay for Covid 19 expenditure

Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, a leading member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has emphasized the need for Ghanaians to rally behind government in reviving the economy following the impact of Covid 19 pandemic.

He has therefore dismissed assertions suggesting government is asking Ghanaian’s  to pay for the cost incurred in dealing with the pandemic last year.

His comment is coming on the back of reports suggesting government is asking Ghanaians to pay for cost incurred in fighting the pandemic last year with the introduction of some new taxes.

The leading NPP member further explained that  what government is demanding is for Ghanaians to share the burden of existing covid cost including Covid 19 vaccine for some 20 million Ghanaians.

“The Government is not asking you to pay for the cost of Covid-19 last year.  No! That cost led to the huge fiscal burden which we do not want repeated this year.  The task this year is two-fold: to defeat the virus, and rebuild the economy for businesses to thrive to create jobs and put cash in the pockets of workers, “he wrote on facebook.

Otchere Darko added “The 2021 budget is not asking you to pay for the cost of 2020. You are being asked to help share the burden of the existing Covid-19 costs, including vaccines for over 20 million Ghanaians. Remember there is an equally important cost of reviving the economy through the cost of stimulus packages.”

New taxes

The government last week introduced new taxes in the 2021 Budget, including a sanitation and pollution levy, a gaming tax and a COVID-19 health levy to help shore up revenue.

The new taxes have since been greeted with mixed reactions, some arguing that it will bring untold hardship to ordinary Ghanaians.

However Gabby Otchere Darko explains  government would have deceived Ghanaians if it maintained  that there is no cost involved in dealing with the pandemic.

“Deceit is when a government pretends there is no cost to anything and uses your taxes not for the greater public good. As taxpayers, we must all consider ourselves as partners in bringing our national economy back to life even as Government continues to invest your money to save lives.”

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